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Dial-Up Setup (Windown XP)

We provide a national local call rate access number. The national access number is

01 9833 1246

You will need a working dialup modem plugged into your PC and a phone line.

Step 1

Click on the Start button, the click on the Control Panel icon.


Step 2

Double click on the Network Connections icon.
Note: If this icon is not available, click on Switch to classic view on the left blue pane.


Step 3

Click on Create a new connection.


Step 4

The new connection wizard will open. Click on the Next> button to begin.


Step 5

Select the Connect to the Internet radio button, then click Next>.


Step 6

Select the Set up my connection manually radio button, then click Next>.


Step 7

Select the Connect using a dial-up modem radio button, then click Next>.


Step 8

In the ISP Name field, enter a name for the connection, eg Yabba.net.au. Then click Next> to continue.


Step 9

In the Phone number: field, enter a dialup number.
Then click Next> to continue


Step 10

You may be prompted to select users to whom the connection is available: Make an appropriate selection, then click next. Enter your username in the User name: and your password in the Password: and Confirmed password: fields. Then click Next> to continue.


Step 11

Select the Add a shortcut to my desktop checkbox. Click on Finish to complete the wizard.


Step 12

Once completed you will also notice there is now an Dial-Up shortcut on your desktop

When you double-click the icon, it will bring up the connection box. Click Dial to connect to the Internet.


If you need help setting up your email account, please click here.

If you are having trouble setting up the dialup connection or would like to clarify some of the steps, please.


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