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naked ADSL2+
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. 1 How long does it take to get on ADSL2+ only?

A. Average time currently is 14 – 16 days.

Q. 2 Is there any downtime?

A. No, provided the ADSL service is connected to Telstra infrastructure then you will remain connected before you move to ADSL2 only on the scheduled appointment day.

Q. 3 I am on ADSL1 with another provider but my phone is through Telstra. Can I get it?

A. As long as the ADSL service is connected to the Telstra infrastructure then it will go through. If the ADSL is connected through SSS (to another companies exchange equipment) then this is not a service that can be transferred, the ADSL will have to be canceled first before the application can be processed.

Q.4 I have a complex service on my line, can I still get ADSL2+ ?

A. Simple answer – no. You would have to contact Telstra on 132200 and request to have this removed. Examples include fax-duet, rotary function and secondary numbers on the primary line.

Q. 5 I don’t have my Telstra account number?

No. We can not process the application with out it. If you submit the application with the incorrect account number then the application will be rejected, and a new application will have to be submitted with the correct account number which could lead to further delays in getting the ADSL2+ activated.

Q. 6 My Phone line is provided my another company can I still apply?

A. The customer will need to check who they are with, the below companies are known to use their own phone equipment

  • Optus
  • AAPT

If they are on the companies own equipment then the application will be rejected.

Q. 7 What happens to my phone service once the order is completed? I only want an internet service.

A. Once the port-in process is complete, Yabba.net.au will remove all telephony services from the line within 48 hours from the activation date. The telephone number will be cancelled, no calls can be made or received and the line will service ADSL2 only.

Q. 8 I am moving into a new place, can I order a clean ADSL service only without the telephone service component?

A. No. You must activate the telephone line with Telstra first. Once this is done, we commence port in and full ownership of the line where we can then cancel the telephone service freely.

Q. 9 If I have ADSL + telephone and the telephone component is removed, what happens to the telephone number? Does it still “belong” to the line?

A. No. The telephone number will become inactive and withdrawn from the line. It is then ‘handed back’ to Telstra in a special non-transferable pool for a period of time.

Q. 10 Can I install the telephone component on an ADSL only service, at a later date?

A. Yes, You can install the telephone component back on the line.. Your DSL service should still remain operable in such an event.


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