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Privacy Policy :

Yabba.net.au operates under strict privacy guidelines outlined by the Federal Governments Privacy Act
(see www.privacy.gov.au)

Use of Personal Information

In order to conduct business there is certain information that Yabba.net.au requires from members such as your name, date of birth, address, telephone numbers, payment details along with any survey responses or information supplied.

There are two primary reasons Yabba.net.au requires such information.

  1. To supply services to our members:
    • including market research and product development purposes;
    • also general administrative purposes involving customer service records and connection logs

  2. To enable us to communicate with members:
    • To identify members when they contact Yabba.net.au;
    • for billing-related reasons including debt collection;
    • to inform members of any changes/ improvements/ additions to our service offerings.
Protection of personal information

Yabba.net.au collects and stores information in electronic and/or hardcopy formats. Stringent measures are taken, in accordance with Government legislation, to guarantee that all information provided is kept confidential and secure. Provisions are in place to ensure that members ' accounts are only viewable by those personnel within the organisation that have the appropriate security clearance.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Under no circumstances will Yabba.net.au sell members' information. The only time information is disclosed to a third party is when it is integral related to the provision and/or improvement of services or if Yabba.net.au is required to do so by Australian law. In both cases these entities meet with strict guidelines to preserve members ' privacy. Our third party suppliers will not contact Yabba.net.au members unless expressly requested to do so by the member themselves.

Members Access to their Account Details

Members are able to view and update their account information at any time online through the MyAccount section of the website.


Saving of passwords, and pre-population of information is made possible by cookies. Cookies are simply small text files that are automatically saved on your computer when you visit or interact with a website.

For our members' convenience, Yabba.net.au uses cookies. These pieces of information are applied to our site to enhance its functionality to save you having to input the same information time and time again.

Yabba.net.au does not use cookies to store personal information about you or to track your internet usage.

The data recorded is strictly of a non-personal nature and is used to assist us in improving content and services offered. Information recorded relates to website traffic and usage statistics.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Yabba.net.au is committed to enhancing our members experience through enhancements to existing services and investment in new technologies. As such we will update our Privacy Policy as necessary. Any changes to our privacy policy will be communicated to members via email or in our monthly Yabba.net.au newsletter and will be viewable on this page.

Yabba.net.au Privacy Officer

If you have any questions in regards to Yabba.net.au Privacy Policy please do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Officer via email: support@yabba.net.au

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